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Personal Names, dates, very intimate details about past, present, and FUTURE psychic insight into your life. I help you see the various paths for romance and love, work and business issues, spiritual and personal growth to benefit this lifetime.


I went to a group event where Tina did some mini-readings for people. I was so impressed by how heart-centered and spot-on accurate she was that I knew right away that I wanted a reading! 

I am an artist that works a lot with color. I didn't tell her that, but the first thing she asked me was if I'm an artist. In the reading she said that 'you can change things with the colors.' That applies not only to my artwork but my healing work as well in which I transmit color frequencies. She even knew details about me like the fact that I love (and need) to swim!

Tina is very generous and loving and wants to help people with whatever they are going through. I strongly recommend her as an amazing medium and reader!

Grace, Sacramento CA


From a past past client, of 12 years ago. Sometimes it take YEARS for predictions to come fullfold for some of my clients. Sometimes things happens within weeks and  I thank her for the compliments to Spirit, as I am just the channe ~ I feel so honered to be choosen to be so blessed this way by the Spirits.


SHARED  STORY:  7/2019

Namaste' My name is (ERASED for PRIVACY PURPOSES) and 12 years ago you completed a reading for me that was arranged by my sister Deborah R. We lived in Winston Salem, NC at the time. 

 The reading began with my asking about a man named Trey who I was interested in at the time. I was in the process of divorcing my husband Paul. Anyway you told me that nothing would happen with Trey but that I would meet a man named Don, move to the beach and live together in this house you saw and that I would ultimately work a psychic hotline full time.

I am embarrassed to admit that I acted like the clients I get upset with presently in my work as a psychic :O(   I didn't work the line then so I ask for your forgiveness... I have grown in my appreciation for your work believe me! I apologized then and apologize again. Anyway at that time I did not know anyone named Don I would be attracted to, and I even told you I would never date a man named Don. Sigh .....

Almost two years after the reading I met Donald. We were immediately in love. I moved to the beach and we bought a house and I worked a psychic hot line....still do. Much has changed since those days and the events that took place. The energy it took for me to get away from my ex was the stuff seen in movies. 

I have been looking for you for years and found you last week on the internet. Wow!! As a reader I so understand the business and without question the reading you gave me over a decade ago was beyond amazing. 

Literally out of this world! 

I live on my own now and support myself with my work as a psychic and astrologer but I cannot for the life of me figure out the puzzle I see coming into my life even astrologically. It feels a bit scary to be honest. The clarity you bring would be invaluable ....forewarned is forearmed :). I would treasure the opportunity to speak with you again.

Thank you so much for touching my life energy as you did. Hope to hear from you and talk to you at your earliest convenience. :0)))))))))

In His Light and Love,

    Anonymous (15) years ago

Tina Lee:

I just wanted to thank you for your reading.

You knew my aunts name (Mary) and my step-grandfathers name, (Pete) and that my uncle did have a serious medical condition with out me asking about him. You cautioned against a possible heart condition for my uncle and I found out today that he has a blocked artery and they have yet to fix it. I was able to forward your message, and now we are able to ensure that the doctors will follow up on this for him. My family thanks you!

You also VERY accurately described the issue that had been bothering me, and I feel reassured that the issue will work out, and that I probably did not need to worry like I have been for the past 18 months or so. THANK YOU! I also feel like you identified some creative aspects of my personality that I have put on the back burner for too long, and that I should pursue these talents and passions, for many reasons.

I can certainly vouch for your ability and am glad you are able to help others, and to keep giving of yourself. What a blessing!

Sarah ~ Sacramento CA

Dear Tina,

I have been wanting to get back to you about my last reading about 3 weeks ago. It is about my father who came through during the time you were reading, he had a medium message for my brother in South Africa. You had his name correct for one. Well, you mentioned at the end of our session that you really want to do more healing type of work. Let me tell you, that was very, very healing.

My brother confirmed everything my father said especially about how lonely and devastated he was when my father suddenly died of a heart attack.

I remember that you started crying yourself during that specific time you passed on the message for my brother and wondered if you were given to feel the feelings which my brother felt at the time of that sudden loss in his life. My brother said that it brought closure and also relief because of the message you were asked to pass on. It was what he wanted to know for quite some time, and you passed that on exactly - no confusion there.

I asked my brother to let me know so I can tell you if he finds himself in an area of a sky- scraper construction site with cranes and heavy building equipment and he said that that must still be in the future.

My father, you said, was showing you that for some reason.
Tina, that is all for now. Thanks for being there.

— Mary A. Stewart - Oakland California
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Dear Tina,

Regarding my reading on Friday 12/22/2002.

 I had an update for you about the previous reading about a year ago when you told me my father asked me to convey to my brother in South Africa that he wanted my brother to watch for cranes and building construction in that city (Cape Town).

Well about a month ago he told me that there were two buildings in the city being constructed. One is a new convention center near the ocean and the other some corporate company headquarters.

Thanks so much!
— Mary A. - Oakland California 12/29/03


Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Your energy and compassion radiates. You are awesome!!!
I can't believe how quickly my mouth dropped open. Within seconds of answering the phone my mouth was on the floor. There is no way you could know these things about me without making a connection with spirit.

There was so much information that was "just dead-on" correct. The first question you asked me was whether or not I sing. I'm not Janet Jackson (who you were seeing or thinking about) but I do sing. I thought I was doing enough singing, but apparently the spirits are encouraging me to do more. If I ever get that CD made I'll send you one.

You also picked up information about my son. You said it started with a "J" which is correct and you told me to write down Jason. My son's name is Jeffrey but his dads name is Jay, so he is Jay's son.

I really didn't want the reading to end. Thank you so much for the clairvoyant psychic reading !

Take Care!!

Janet in Colorado 10/18/02


Dear Tina,

I am writing to tell you thank you very much for the incredible
readings you have done for me. The first time I called you, I
was convinced that psychics were scams. I had tried a couple of 900 line psychics with a very disappointing outcome. It seemed
that I had to tell them everything before they could tell me anything. The things they did tell me were either wrong or never happened afterwards.

I had almost decided that all psychics were scams when I came
across your website. I had so many unsettled things in my life,
I was holding onto hope that things were going to turn around.
I thought if someone could just tell me that life was going to
get better, that I would be alright. Silly me. On my first
reading which was early part of 1999, I was skeptical. I
listened, but was not sure what to believe. You told me that my
boss who is the owner of our company would be bringing in an
additional partner (he was already a co-owner). I told you that
my boss would never bring in someone else to help run his

I was wrong. In August, 1999 my boss hired a
President to run the office so that the two owners could just
concentrate on business and financials. This new President now
has a contract to become part owner with equity in 2001. Boy,
was I wrong. You then told me that I would be taking a trip to
Florida. I didn't think I could afford to go to Florida so
again, I didn't believe you. In March, 1999 my boss gave me and
my boyfriend his non-refundable tickets to Florida and all we
had to do was pay the name change fee. So in April 1999 we
went to Florida.

My next reading was in November 1999. You told me that an older
man very close to me who spent a lot of time in the sun, would
find out he had melanoma. My grandfather spends a lot of time
in the sun and he has always been like a father to me, so
immediately I was worried. But then I forgot about the reading
and in March of 2000 my mother and I were staining some wood in
my garage, and she told me that my grandfather was diagnosed with
skin cancer on his arm. I almost fainted. I got chills and my
stomach started turning. I immediately told my mom about my
reading with you. At that moment, I believed in you!!

The next thing you told me was probably the best thing. In my
reading in November 1999, I told you that my boyfriend kept
having second thoughts about us. One day he was fine and loved
me and the next day he was scared and wanted to leave. You told
me that he was scared but that he would come around because he
really did love me. You said that after the first of the year
(2000) he would ask me to marry him but that we would not get
married right away. Well, guess what, March 5th, 2000 11:30
p.m. he proposed. I accepted, and we have yet to set a date.
But I do know that he really loves me.

Yesterday, (August 3, 2000) I did my third reading with you.
You told me a lot of great things and I have no doubt that they
will happen. Thank you for changing my mind about psychics. You are the best, and I WILL be calling you soon.
Kim W.
New York, NY 2000

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In 1987 TinaLee had a vision after leaving Sedona Arizona about children killing kids in schools in the future. We are now witnessing this frequently, very frequently unfortunately!

She predicted the last space shuttle accident one year to the day for it went down. Tina described how it would descend back in the Earthoh, and she also wrote to NASA about it, prior to the accident.

She predicted the breakup of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and the relationship coming of Brad and Angelina. She predicted their marriage, and she predicted that they would also split up in divorce.

TinaLee is not a ghost hunter, she is a spirit medium. Spirit mediumship is the ability to speak with loved ones and those who have passed over around us. It also allows you to speak to your spiritual guides.

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I first had readings with Tina in the late 1990's.  She has always been so accurate and detailed.  She described my husband to me about 5 years before I met him.  She told me about his connection to Italy and the first name initials of him and his ex wife.  I found those old tapes of the readings and decided to have one done now.  I was so excited when I was able to locate her online after all of these years.
During this reading she told me names of several people.  She gave me messages from loved ones that have passed on.  She gave me some info about a health issue my mom is having.  Her details were so accurate.  Things I didn't know yet that my mom was dealing with.  She also relayed interesting details from my uncle that has passed on about my father.  She knew why uncle's name.  She knew specific details about my father that are not common.  I haven't spoken to him in decades, she relayed that my uncle was wanting to encourage me to reach out to him.  My father left us years ago, married another woman and didn't stay connected to us.  Tina said she didn't think he was with the other woman anymore.  Last I heard he was.  After the reading, I learned from an Aunt that my father and this woman had split up in the last couple of years.
Do yourself a favor and schedule a reading with her.  Be open to receive the messages that come through and have a list of questions ready.  She usually answers your questions before you even ask them. 

Jennifer W.